Problem Solving:
We'll troubleshoot at your facility or ours

Whether we come to your facility or you bring your equipment to us, our staff will troubleshoot, design and make the necessary adjustments to resolve the problem you are encountering with your product.

Design Assistance:
Improving existing or creating new prints

The staff at Straight River Cable, Inc. will work from your existing prints or create an entirely new set of prints specifically for your products. We will also make recommendations on the best parts based on quality, cost, use and availabilities.

Quick Turnaround: From design to prototype to production

Our goal is quality and speed - to help you move your product into production as quickly and cost effectively as possible, while identifying opportunities that will benefit you in the long run.


control box for JD rotary EcobladeOperator Control Box for Diamond Mower 20' Boom Rotary Ecoblade


Jarraff All Terrain Tree TrimmerWire Harnesses and Control Boxes for the Jarraff® All-Terrain Tree Trimmer


Our core competency is designing and building custom wire harnesses that control equipment. Our facility in Medford, Minnesota is ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as UL compliant. Our facility is set up for both small and large runs. Straight River Cable has extensive experience in producing wire harnesses, test boxes and control panels. Our services include:

    1. Prototype, small run, and higher volume processing
    2. Build, test and assemble medical test equipment
    3. Fiber optic cabling
    4. Wire cutting, stripping, and single wire printing
    5. Multiple wire conductor processing
    6. Terminal and conductor crimping (AMP, MOLEX, DEUTSCH, PACKARD, and more)
    7. Solder dipping and lead component soldering (Circuit boards or flex circuits)
    8. Solder paste and other adhesive dispensing
    9. Wire harness layout, braiding, and testing
    10. Plastic product marking


Straight River Cable, Inc. has a full line of automated equipment that allows our assemblers to process large volumes of product to specification with little labor required. Our assemblers are experienced and highly trained with the customer's success their number one goal. This expertise, along with continuous process inspection, allows us to maintain a high rate of success in the production process which lowers labor cost..