In memory of SR Cable
Founder Jerry Sexton
(1947 - 2010)

"Quality is our primary concern along with on-time delivery and cost efficiency."

The words of our Dad and Straight River Cable Founder, Jerry Sexton (1947 - 2010), will continue to direct everything we do. His legacy will be seen in the individual attention we provide to each of our customers, the efforts we make to solve their problems, the engineering behind the designs of long term solutions, and the quality of every single wire harness we produce.

Automotive, Medical, Agriculture & Military Industry Experience

As a leading US wire harness manufacturer, our experience spans many industries: automotive, agricultural, construction, military, medical, marine/recreation and stage/theater. Our innovative approach to design , on-site testing capabilities, and state of the art manufacturing facilities will ensure that your requirements are attended to at every step.




Medical Test Equipment Prototypes, Testing and Assembly Capabilities

Our ISO 9001:2015 registration proves our commitment to continued excellence. From product assembly to testing procedures, you can be assured of quality and full satisfaction. We achieve this goal through dedicated employees performing the highest quality of workmanship. Quality is engrained within our culture - it is the leading factor behind our success.




ISO 9001:2015

Our ISO 9001:2015 registration and maintenance shows our commitment to projects and ideals. Quality is our major concern--along with on-time delivery and cost efficiency.


Featuring a staff with years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry, you can be assured that Straight River Cable will provide the best solution for your custom electronic and mechanical needs. More about our experience

New: Ultra Sonic Welding

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding is used for a large variety of products ranging from blister packs, cartons and small consumer goods to car fuel tanks and dashboards. This value added service is another capability that sets Straight River Cable apart from others in the wire harness / box build industry.

Custom Electric Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

Whether it's a one wire harness, a single electrical or mechanical assembly - or hundreds of custom wire or cable assemblies - Straight River Cable is the contract manufacturer of choice for quality and precision assemblies. Our capabilities range from wire cutting and stripping and terminal crimping to the large connectors used in automotive, marine and agricultural mechanical equipment.

A Wide Range of Capabilities

    • Prototype, small run, and higher volume processing
    • Build, test and assemble medical test equipment
    • Fiber optic cabling
    • Wire cutting, stripping, and single wire printing
    • Multiple wire conductor processing
    • Terminal and conductor crimping (AMP, MOLEX, DEUTSCH, PACKARD, and more)
    • Solder dipping and lead component soldering (Circuit boards or flex circuits)
    • Solder paste and other adhesive dispensing
    • Wire harness layout, braiding, and testing
    • Plastic product marking

Send us a print, get a quote--and you be the judge. We look forward to working with you and your customers' unique requirements.